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                                                                    You need Images ?

         The prices of our pictures depend on their purpose, their size and the 
         number of printed copies.
         We also differentiate between their use in books, in calendars, for 
         advertising purposes and for private use.
         Please feel free to send us a mail, including the intended purpose and 
         desired size of the pictures as well as the number of printed copies and 
         let us make you an offer.

         All information provided will be treated strictly confidential.

         Please send your information requests and picture orders to:


  Monika und Richard Fellinger - 66798 Wallerfangen - Fuchsstraße 16 a - Germany - Tel. 0049 (0) 6831 7641610
                                                                     oder   Tel. 0049 (0) 6831 7641609                 Mobil: 0152-28954023       

                                                                  E-Mail :   mrf-nature@online.de              
More pictures:  www.tierleben.de
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